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Super Stuff Now - February 2022

Even though it's short, February is a busy month at Super Stuff. We will be having four new activities, one new product, and one update.

There will be one new product this month on Sunday, February 27. It will be the first of two school related products this year. This product will involve flashcards and studying.

We will have four new activities this month. The categories are below.








Special Activity



On February 13 and 20, we swapped the categories. Instead of a special activity on 2/13 and a craft on 2/20, there will be a craft on 2/13 and a special activity on 2/20.

On February 26, there will be an update. This update, Update 2.2, will change the way you can get Super Stuff+. Currently, you can get it through raffle; where we randomly choose two customers every Saturday. In this update, customers will be given badges, and that is how you will get Super Stuff+.

- - -

We will release a video with more information about this update on our YouTube channel around Valentine's Day.

It has been about one month since we released our first episode of Making It Happen: A Look Into Super Stuff. While we were supposed to have already released 5 episodes, we have only released 2 due to delays. With that, we have decided to push back the release of episodes 3-10 to March 26. Once again, instead of releasing new episodes every Saturday like scheduled, we will be releasing all the remaining episodes (episodes 3-10) on Saturday, March 26.

Our newest competition, Ad It Up, has been going on for about a month. We would like to remind you about this competition. In Ad It Up, you get the opportunity to create a commercial promoting something we do at Super Stuff. We have a few videos about it on our YouTube channel as well as a handbook linked below, so you should check it out if you want more information. This competition will close on February 28 at 6:55 am EST.

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