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Seasonal Pumpkins


Make a Mummy

In this creepy craft, you get to make a mummy!


  • Jar

  • Mod Podge

  • White paper

  • Black paint

  • Tealight


  1. Get your paper. Cut it into white strips. You should cut 3-6 pieces of paper (depending on the size of your jar).

  2. Get your jar and mod podge. Put a coat of mod podge on the jar. Start to stick the white strips on the jar.

  3. Make sure most or the entire jar is covered in paper strips. Let the jar dry.

  4. Once the jar is completly dry, put a coat of mod podge over it. Make sure you cover all of the paper strips. Let it dry.

  5. When the jar is dry, paint two eyes on it. Then, put the tealight in the jar. That's it!

Seasonal Pumpkins


Make Your Own Pixel Art

In this ghoulish game, you can create your own pixel art on Google Sheets!


Watch the video below for instructions.


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Creepy Craft

Halloween In a Jar

In this creepy craft, you get to make a cool jar diorama.


  • Clear Jar

  • Fake Dead Moss

  • Halloween miniatures (witch, tree, etc...)

  • Hot glue

  • Optional - lights


  1. Get your hot glue and moss. Glue about an inch of moss to the bottom of the jar.

  2. This is when your miniatures come in. Find a good spot to place each miniature, so that they aren't overlapping, or so that you're pleased.

  3. Glue the miniatures where you want. Then, you're done.

  4. OPTIONAL - If you want to make your jar glow, you can add mini string lights to the jar. You can also get a circular light and glue it to the bottom of the jar, to illuminate the moss.

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Ghoulish Game

Candy Catch

In this ghoulish game, you can through around candy!


  1. Get some candy (and two people). Have the two people face each other, and stand directly in front of each other.

  2. Give one person a piece of candy. Then, that person will toss the piece of candy to the other person in front of them.

  3. The person that catches the candy will one step backwards.

  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 (tossing the candy between people and taking steps back) until someone drops the candy.

  5. If you drop the candy, the other person gets to eat it.

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Boo! Baking/Cooking

Candy Boo Bags

In this boo baking and cooking activity, you can make a Halloween bag of fun.


  1. Get some candy corn, popcorn, orange and purple M & Ms, orange and purple gummy bears/worms, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

    1. You can also add your own candies, like sprinkles or crushed Oreos.​

  2. Get a one cup measure and a big bowl. Scoop two cups of the popcorn, gummy bears/worms, and candy corn. Everything else should just get one cup.

  3. Mix all of the candy around in a bowl.

  4. Get bags to put the candy in. Scoop out a cup of the candy mixture and put it in each bag. Then, you can give it to trick-or-treaters, or eat it as a fun snack during the Halloween season!

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Spooky Sport/Outdoor Activity

Pumpkin Water Balloons

In this spooky sport/outdoor activity, you can play a fun game with water balloons.


  1. Get some orange water balloons and a permanent marker.

  2. On each water balloon, draw a jack-o-lantern face on it. Remember to draw it small, because the balloon expands.

  3. Fill up the balloons with water and take part in a fun water balloon battle.

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Frightful Photography

On the Inside

In this frightful photography, you can take a spooky photo inside a Halloween object.


  1. Think about where you want your image to be taken. It has to be inside of something Halloween related. We’ll use a pumpkin in this example.

  2. Stick your camera inside the pumpkin (with there being light inside).

  3. Take a few photos. They should show the face of the pumpkin from the inside.

  4. You can take more scary photos if you want!

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