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In the past 4+ years, we have had the privilege of making and sharing products and activities to entertain you, our customers. We have grown largely within this time, and as more aspects of Super Stuff become necessary, we have begun to lack the time required to maintain them. So, we have made the decision to close Super Stuff.

You can now buy all of our favorite products for $59.99 (this omits products that require us to make or update something), and view all of our activities in the Activity Archives for free. 

The Super Stuff website ( will remain active in the coming months, however there is no set date when it will become unreachable. 

Both of our YouTube channels will stay open to view past videos, but there will be no new videos beyond the "Final Goodbye".

Past newsletters will still be reachable, and our final newsletter has been published (however it is very similar to this message).

We want to thank you for supporting us during these past 4+ years. Super Stuff has become something very important and big in our lives, and despite its closing, it will always be remembered. Thank you.

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