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Super Stuff Now - November 2022

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

As we anticipate the launch of Update 3.0 in 2023, we are very excited for this month. We will release one product and an activity every Sunday. Plus, we will have our second event of 2022, Into the Jungle, on November 19.

There will be one new product this month, and it will be released on November 20. The product will be a sequel to a product we have already released, and involves calming down.

We will release a new activity every Sunday this month, in the following categories.

November 6 - Game

November 13 - Cooking/Baking

November 20 - Outdoor Activity/Sport

November 27 - Writing

There will be no update this month, but on December 10, we will release Update 2.9. It will be the last update of 2022, and in it, we will update Super Gift Finder and turn Super 2020-2021 Bingo into Super 2020-2022 Bingo.

On November 1, we observed a big anniversary: one year since the launch of Update 2.0. It has been one year since we expanded our website and made it brand new, and now, we're doing it again.

In Update 3.0, we will monetize all of our products and activities, as well as Super Stuff+. Tune in on November 19 to our second event to get more information about this big update, launching in January 2023.

On November 19, we will host our final event of 2022: Into the Jungle. You will be able to watch it on both of our YouTube channels (Super Stuff and Super Stuff Events). In the event, we will talk about all sorts of new things coming to Super Stuff, as well as Update 3.0.

In a video on our YouTube channel, we said that we would put our 2023 logo in every newsletter until January 2023. So, here's the logo, as well as the video.

Last month, we asked what your favorite Super Stuff logo was, and the winner was the 2022 logo. Here's this month's poll:

Which event do/will you like more?

  • The Birthday Event

  • Into The Jungle

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