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Super Stuff Now - August 2022

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

As we calm down from an amazing Product Week, August is going to be a normal month. We will have an activity every Sunday except for one, one new product, and an update.

There will be one product this month, as always. The product will be released on August 28. It will involve school and paper/essay writing.

There will be a new activity every Sunday except for one. Why? Because on August 9, we will celebrate 2 years of Activity of the Week. So, the Sunday before August 9 (August 7) will not have an activity. A special activity will be released on Tuesday, August 9 instead.

We will have one update this month - Update 2.7. In this update, we will change the format of the Product Week 2022 page and move where it is. The update will be launched on August 20 at 10:30 am EST.

Every month, we are going to have a poll in the newsletter. In the following month's newsletter, we will put in the responses as well as that month's poll. Enjoy!

What's your favorite activity category?

  • Craft

  • Game

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Outdoor Activity/Sport

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