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Welcome to Super Stuff

Super Stuff is a company created in 2019 to give you fun products and entertaining activities. Our company is entirely online and easy to navigate. We also have a recently updated Help Center that you can go to if you have questions. We work hard to make sure our customers have a great experience on our website.


Our products are designed to be fun and a little random while still helping you in your daily life. Individual products range between $2.99 and $4.99, and you can get all of our products for $59.99 (starting on February 11). Because we release a new product every month, if you pay for all of our products, every month you have to pay an additional $1.


Activity of the Week was created to give our customers things to do at home. There is a new activity every Sunday, and activities cycle between 8 categories every week. You can buy a category for $2.99, $3.49, or $3.99 (it depends on the category), but you can not buy individual activities. 


Super Goals





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New Activity (February 12)

Featured Product

Super Haiku Maker
Get a haiku for your someone you love.

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