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2023 SS Logo_edited_edited_edited.png
2023 SS Logo_edited_edited.png

Welcome to Super Stuff

Super Stuff is a company created in 2019 to give you fun products and entertaining activities. Although we have closed, you can still view our products and activities, and make your day a little more super!


Our products are designed to be fun and a little random while still helping you in your daily life. Because Super Stuff has stopped releasing new products, you can buy all of our products in one, for $59.99. Learn more in the Products page!


Activity of the Week was created to give our customers things to do at home. Super Stuff has stopped releasing new activities, but you can view the Activity Archives- a collection of all past activities.


Product Bundle
Get all of our products in one!

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In the past 4+ years, we have had the privilege of making and sharing products and activities to entertain you, our customers. We have grown largely within this time, and as more aspects of Super Stuff become necessary, we have begun to lack the time required to maintain them. So, we have made the decision to close Super Stuff.

You can now buy all of our favorite products for $59.99 (this omits products that require us to make or update something), and view all of our activities in the Activity Archives for free. 


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