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Super Stuff Now - September 2022

This month will be very uneventful as we prepare for the Halloween season and whatever surprises come at the end of the year. There will be an activity every Sunday, and one product. There will be no updates this month.

There will be one product this month and it will be released on September 25. It involves organization, planning, and calendars.

Every Sunday this month will have an activity. The categories are below.

Date Released


September 4


September 11


September 18

Outdoor Activity/Sport

September 25


There will be no updates in September, but on October 1, we will release update 2.8. In this update, we will add an "Image of the Week" page to our website, as well as add a "Featured Product" part of our homepage.

Halloweek 2022 is coming October 24-28. During Halloweek, we will release a Halloween themed activity every day.

October 24 - Craft

October 25 - Game

October 26 - Cooking/Baking

October 27 - Outdoor Activity/Sport

October 28 - Photography

Here are the results of last month's poll. We asked "What's your favorite activity category?" And the winner is... craft. Here's this month's poll.

In the photo at the end of the YouTube video we released on August 31, what do you think it's trying to tell you/what's coming?

  • There's a new event coming.

  • There's a big update coming.

  • We're redoing our website again.

  • We're making another YouTube channel.

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