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Super Stuff Now - June 2022

How is it already summer? So much is happening this summer, but not quite yet. June is going to be a basic month at Super Stuff, with the usual product, activities, and update. Why? Because Product Week 2022 is coming in July.

We are going to have one product this month, as always. It will be released on Sunday, June 19 at 10:30 am. The product will involve handwriting and printables.

There will be a new activity every Sunday this month, which means there will be 4 activities. The categories are below.

​Release Date


June 5


June 12

Special Activity

June 19


June 26


On June 18, we are releasing Update 2.6. In this update, the look and feel of our FAQs page will be changed, and new questions will be added. Update 2.6 will be released on June 18 at 10:30 am EST.

July 25-29 will be Product Week 2022! The festivities will begin on June 1 with the product hints being released on our YouTube channel at noon EST. Product Week will officially start on July 25 with our opening ceremony.

Starting on June 25 and ending on August 7, we will be testing out new employment strategies. Two managers will try running Super Stuff, with the help of our co-owners. This means that some things may release late or updates and videos on our YouTube channel will happen less frequently. Even though this is during Product Week, the products will still be released on time. Overall, the company will still run, but some things may be slow. Thanks for your support!

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