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Super Stuff Now - January 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Happy 2022! We are excited to start the new year and bring you all that we have in store. We are going to have one product this month, a new activity every Sunday, and one update. Let's get this year started!

This month, we will have one new product. It will be released on January 23. The product involves literature.

There will be a new activity every Sunday this month. The categories are below.

January 2


January 9


January 16


January 23

Sport/Outdoor Activity

January 30


There will be one update this month on January 15 (Update 2.1). In that update, new books will be added to Super Book Hub.

On New Year's Day, this came/was announced!

  • New Logo

  • Super Stuff on Blooket

  • We started Ad It Up

  • We now have a mascot

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